How to Write a Comic Book?

Have you ever thought of coming up with a comic book? It is not anything complicated. You only need to follow the following step to come up with one:


Step 1: Have an idea



Well, you cannot talk about writing any book before you first decide on the message you want to pass out. When you start this journey, you may have several ideas which you think can make the best out of the comic book. To save yourself from such confusion, write down all the possible ideas which you would wish to write about, and then come up with one who can cover all the ideas.


Step 2: Scriptwriting


All the many ideas which you had thought about in the first step become your subtopics. Write something about them and make the storyline to flow. You need to know your main character and also make the setting sound to be real. Do not bother about correcting anything since it can end up slowing the flow of ideas as you write.


Step 3: Draw the comic


With the layout in your mind, you can now draw the comic. Make sure that the drawing relates to the information in the script. Drawing may sound stressful, but it is not. Just draw what you can. Do not worry about what you have not done correctly. Corrections can come later.


Step 4: Coloring


Once you have drawn something, which must not be perfect in this case, you can go ahead color it. The choice of color should be able to make the scene better. You need to be keen to use the same coloring one picture without confusing it. For instance, if your given character has a blue cap, then you need to ensure that you maintain the blue color in all the pictures where the character in question is featured.


Step 5: Lettering


This is the last step. It entails the design of the whole book regarding font sizes and types. The font type should be one which is easy to read and also attractive at the same time. You can buy font types or even go for the free ones. From this point, you can be proud to have written a comic book.